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Gulf Alpha Antennas no longer serves the Satellite market. We still offer replacement parts for any satellite antenna we made in the past.

70CM 8x8CP with Polarization switch Installed
and shows overall nice assembly job by Wisconsin
Sat. op.

Gulf Alpha 70CM 16x16CP (Left) , Directive Systems 1296mhz Loop Yagi (center) and Gulf Alpha
2 Meter 8x8CP (right). Notice the preamps mounted close to each antenna. This system is located in New Hampshire.

Hi Pete,

I hope you are doing well. I continue to note that I speak with a lot of hams that are using Gulf Alpha antennas on the sats. Mine are as rock solid as the day I put them up many years ago. Thanks for a great product.

Chicago Area
received Sept. 15, 2014


 Hi Pete,
I have not had a problem. The phasing harness was put in place and the plug ends sealed with silicone.
It has not been a problem here and the antennas perform beyond expectation.
I will be doing a routine check in 3 months and will double check at that stage.
Thanks you for your concern, and congratulations on a fine product.
Andrew ZL2..
New Zealand

email received Sept. 25, 2012 about 2 meter 5x5CP and 70CM 8x8 CP

Well damnit after six months got the beams up and running. Couple of my buddies and I put them up Friday afternoon on a 25 foot tower. Yes, they do one hell of a job and I am happier than an old hog in a pile of crap with the performance. You can see I am only using an azimuth rotor and we angled them close to 45 degs. I never would have believed how strong VO-52 comes barreling in with signals going over S9 and I can copy it from horizon to horizon.

Sent the two pictures to QSLworks for a customized QSL card just for satellite work. I may even have the guy put a UFO picture above the beams as I want these cards to be original so to speak.

So, the bottom line is they are one damned good set of beams and I would highly recommend them. You did the right thing by going with RG-6 as real easy to work with and SWR very satisfactory.

Thanks again.

email received Oct. 7, 2012 about 2 meter 5x5CP and 70CM 8x8CP

I have a 8x8 UHF and a 5x5 VHF from Gulf Alpha and I love them. There is a waiting period for the Gulf Alpha products, other than that they are very solid and well built antennas.

Dave KB1... Massachusetts

As someone who purchased a set of Gulf Alpha circularly polarized beams I will say this:

1. The quality and craftsman ship is top notch, second to none.
2. The ease of installation is far superior to any other beams I've assembled from other "big names."
3. To have something rugged AND assembles easily is a big plus. Gulf Alpha wins again.

Clayton W5... Texas

Next was the antenna, there are many options and after some research and recommendations I went with the Gulf Alpha Dual band SAT antenna. Don’t expect to get this antenna quickly, Pete makes these antennas as they are ordered and its gonna take 2 to 3 months before you get it. I can say that its well worth the wait as this antenna is just awesome.

Craig W1... Massachusetts

Important Notice about phasing cables and connectors on the circular polarity antennas. For a long time we used LMR 400-75 as the cable of choice for the phasing of our satellite CPs. Because this cable is so stiff and the bends required to connect the cables on the 70CM antennas was very tight, the crimps were too stressed and sometimes the cable pulled out of the connector. We used the non crimp solder type for a while. These had their own problems in that they would twist and the braid would become totally disconnected. Again the cable would pull out of the connector.

We are now shipping these antennas with LMR 240-75. This cable is smaller than it's larger counterpart and should solve the problem. All antennas including 2 meters will have top quality type N four hole flange female connectors on the T match blocks. No more SO 239's and PL259's. Cable ends are prepared with Times MicroWave strip tools designed for this cable.


Circular Polarized Satellite Antennas


70CM 5x5 Circular Polarity yagi

this antenna is used by those who have to place their antenna systems in an attic
or other tight space

Please Note-the F connectors are no longer used. This antenna will use the LMR 240-75 Phasing
cables as the larger antennas below.

70CM Circular Polarity 8x8 yagi

70CM Circular Polarity 16x16 yagi


2 Meter

2 Meter 3x3 Circular Polarity yagi
this antenna is used by those who have to place their antenna system in an attic
or other tight space.

Please Note-the F connectors are no longer used. This antenna will use the LMR 240-75 Phasing
cables as the larger antennas below.

2 Meter 4x4 Circular Polarity yagi

2 Meter 5x5 Circular Polarity Satellite yagi

2 Meter 8x8 Circular Polarity Satellite yagi

137mhz NOAA Weather Satellite Circular Polarity 5x5 Element yagi

Hi Pete,

Thanks for the reply. I got both Antennas assembled and have the 8x8 UHF out on the Rotator and it works great. The 5x5 VHF will go out this weekend. These things are built like tanks and I'm glad to have them. If I have any other questions I'll let you know. It's nice to know that you'll support the product no matter the owner, great service.

Ryan / N9...

email received Sept. 25 , 2012 about 2 meter 5x5 CP and 70 CM 8x8 CP

I am starting to unpack the antennas.
Your workmanship is beautiful.


email received April 10, 2013


Single Polarization Easy Satellite Antennas

2 Meter 6 Element-70CM 8 Element
QST Review of this antenna

2 Meter 8 Element-70CM 11 Element

2 Meter 11 Element-70CM 18 Element
used for satellite communications and weak


Satellite Antenna Cross Boom with Fiberglass Ends

For use with Yaesu G5500 AZ EL rotor
$88.00 plus shipping

Polarity Reversing Units for Circular Polarized Satellite Antennas

70 CM Polarity Switch

2 Meter Polarity Switch

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