Gulf Alpha Communication Antennas, Inc.
609 So. Howard St. Kimball, NE. 69145
In continous operation since Nov. 2000
Made in Nebraska


Phone 1 308 230 2025

Premium Quality Antennas for Government, Commercial and Amateur Radio



Announcement-April 29, 2016
Arrow Antennas, LLC of Cheyenne, Wyoming has acquired the rights to the designs of all Gulf Alpha vhf, uhf and satellite antennas as well as the rights to manufacture and sell those products. They will remain on this site for an indeterminate amount of time. If you are interested in them contact Arrow Antennas directly.

March 2017-We still get a steady stream of inquiries from past customers as well as others asking if we have antennas to sell or can make up new orders. A brief explanation of what is going on here is in order. Gulf Alpha Antennas ceased operations in April 2015 when we accepted the last orders for our VHF line of antennas. In June 2015 I retired full time. At that time I though I may produce HF antennas on a part time basis but that never happened. Fact is I am just enjoying retirment too much. After a business career and a previous career with the Federal Government I decided to just call it quits. Honestly I do not know how I ever had time to work. Some of you other retirees can relate to that! Blessed with perfect health I am working on getting my pull-up count higher and higher.

The Gulf Alpha web site will remain up for a while longer for the benefit of Arrow Antennas. That will keep the products visible until they have them on their site.

Thanks to the Ham Radio community for your support over the past 16 years. It was fun with never a dull momunt.

Best 73





We machine all parts on mills, no stamped or molded parts are used in any of our products.


Note: All tapped (threaded) holes in our products are done with a "Roll Tap" This special tap forms the threads as opposed to cutting as does a regular tap. The result is threads so strong the head of the screw can be twisted off before the threads will strip out!


Please Note-We no longer take orders for customized antennas. We only offer the antennas on this web site.


To discuss your antenna requirements or to order call 1-308 230 2025 We accept most major credit cards. Business hours- 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday thru Thursday MST.

International Customers: Call or Email for quotes and shipping options. On smaller antennas we can ship very inexpensively via the USPS Priority Mail International. Larger antennas are shipped economy freight with fast delivery times.

Canadian Customers: Shipping to Canada is just as simple as state side. We ship to Canada via the USPS Priority Mail International.