70 CM 16x16 Element Cross Polarity Yagi

Model No. 70CM-16x16XP
Price-$309.00 delivered to anyplace in lower 48


Boom Length-11 feet
Boom dia. 1 1/2"
No. of elements-16 horizontal and 16 vertical
Freq. range-430-438mhz horizontal elements and 440-450mhz vertical elements
with great VSWR over both frequency ranges
Feed Point Impedence-50 Ohms
Feed Connector- type N
Power Handling-400 watts PEP or 250 watts continous duty modes as FM
Teflon baluns also available and power rating-1000 watts.
Forward Gain-14.22dbd
Front to Back ratio-32db
Will accept mast sizes from 1 1/4" to 2" dia.



Seperate feedlines are needed for each set of elements or a relay box mounted near the antenna You cannot feed the antenna with jumper to each set of elements and then into a T connector.
Antenna is a full size 32 element wide spaced computer optimized yagi. Has machined aluminum connection box as the core of the antenna feed system. This box is silicone gel sealed and opened if something needs work or repair in the future yet it is extremely rugged and provides excellent shielding and protection from the elements for the internal connections. To give our antennas a little better bandwidth SWR, we make the driven element a larger diameter. This model has a 1/4" dia. driven element. Other elements are 3/16" dia. , all elements are solid rods. Aluminum members 6061 for best corrosion resistance. All hardware is stainless steel except U bolts which are zinc plated. Uses a 4:1 coaxial balun which allows the balanced feed of the antenna to be fed with 50 ohm unbalanced coaxial cable and uses superior T match system for best radiation
pattern. The holes that accept the elements are reamed .001" dia. oversize in order to allow the rod to be inserted but at the sametime maintain zero clearance around the rod when the screws are tightned.
Our antennas are designed to withstand the most severe enviornments while performing to specs.