33 ft. Heavy Duty Multiband Vertical

$249.00 plus $28.00 shipping

Heavy Duty Guying clamp supplied with the antenna



Overall height when fully extended - 33-35 feet (height of vertical radiating element)

Diameters of vertical radiating element tubing
First section is 2 inch diameter, tapers to 1 3/8" dia.
for the top section

Tilt base dimensions
Back plate- 5/8" thick x 6" wide x 12" high aluminum
Tilt Arm- 5/8" thick x 4" wide x 18" high aluminum
Black CNC machined Acetal (Delrin) UV stablized
clamps 1 1/2" wide x 3 1/8" high x 3" wide
3/8"dia. Grade 5 bolts and nylon insert lock nuts
used through clamps for ultra ridgid assembly.
Requires a nominal 2" dia. x .25" wall pipe x 5' long
set in concrete for mounting to the base. Can also use
a pipe in ground if at least 4 feet is below grade level.
Safety bolts (1/2" dia.) pass through tilt arm to
draw arm into back plate.
Tilt Arm pivot bolt-1/2" dia.

Antenna Frequency range-
40-10 meters


Our heavy duty resonant quarter wavelength vertical antenna for the 40-10 meter amateur radio band. This is a low angle radiator which will provide excellent DX performance. Lower section consists of 12 feet of 1.5" dia. x .116" wall tubing (double walled with a section of 1.375" dia. nested inside the 1.5") for a stiff and rigid base section and lighter tubing on the upper sections to reduce wind load and weight. Antenna is pretty much self supporting but we recommend guying (guying clamp designed just for that purpose is included) for very high wind environments . The rugged radiating element sits on similiarly designed tilt over base. This base provides quick and smooth raising and lowering and has features like a stop block to make lining up the holes in the tilt arm very easy without having to line them up by eye. The base is equipped with 3 U bolts and our own machined V saddle clamps so that if a mounting pipe of slightly greater or less than 2" dia. is used the clamps will still exert all their force. You can use a smaller dia. pipe but we do not recommend smaller than 2".

About feeding this type of antenna: A non-resonant antenna as this one should be fed using a remote antenna tuning unit (ATU) at the base of the antenna. The ATU will tune out any reactance at the feed point and present a 50 ohm impedance to the coax (also 50 ohm).

The second method is to use a 4:1 UNUN as shown in the pictures. The UNUN is not supplied but the mounting plate is.

Radials are required. The radial plate shown is 12" square stainless steel and is included with the antenna.