Dual Band 2 Meter 70CM Satellite Yagi

Model No.2M 70CM Sat.



Boom Length-10 feet
Boom dia. -1 1/2" dia.
No. of elements-8 on 2 meters and 11 on 70CM
Freq. range-2 meter 144-148mhz-70CM 430-440mhz
Feed Point Impedance-50 Ohms
Feed Connector- type N on 70cm and S0-239 on 2 meters
Power Handling-400 watts on 2 meters-250 watts 70CM- available with optional teflon balun for high power
Forward Gain-11.72dbd -2 meters , 12.38dbd 70CM
Front to Back ratio-28db 2 meters , 27db 70CM
Mast mounting dia.-1 1/4" to 2" dia.

Designed for easy and quick satellite operation. Both sets of elements optimized in satellite band. Typical vswr in satellite band , 1:0 to 1 in other words flat. Constructed of the finest materials, 6061 corrosion resistant aluminum. Elements are 3/16" dia. except for the driven element which is 1/4" dia. (solid rods). Uses superior T match system and coaxial balun for 50 ohm balanced load. Unit is CAD designed for the mechanical structure and computer optimized for electrical characteristics.These antennas are constructed with the utmost precision. Boom holes are bored on milling machines equipped with state of the art digital readouts and element holes and rods are bored and cut within .010" assuring you of top performance. All hardware is stainless steel. Antenna is designed to last indefinately while giving superior performance. Please NOTE: Because both sets of elements are on the same boom you may or may not experience some desense on the 70CM downlink. A duplexer or filter will greatly reduce or eliminate desense.



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