2 meter Circular Polarized Satellite Yagi

Model No. 2M-8ELSat

Picture will be up soon-looks almost identical to our 2 meter 8x8 Cross Polarity


Boom Length-12 feet
Boom dia. -1 1/2" dia.
No. of elements-8 vertical 8 horizontal
Freq. range-144-148 MHZ-optimized in Sat. band
Feed Point Impedance-50 Ohms
Power Handling-400 watts
Forward Gain-11.72 dbdc
Front to Back ratio-28 db

This is designed for satellite operation and has circular polarization.(RHCP) Both sets of elements optimized in satellite band. The elements are spaced 1/4 wavelength on the boom and then fed with two phasing cables each cut to 3/4 electrical wavelength in the center of the satellite band and produces circular polarization. Unit is supplied with phasing lines and T connector. Antenna is constructed of the finest materials, 6061 corrosion resistant aluminum. Elements are 3/16" dia. except for the driven element which is 1/4" dia. (solid rods). Uses superior T match system and coaxial balun (Times Microwave LMR 240) for 50 ohm balanced load. Unit is CAD designed for the mechanical structure and computer optimized for electrical characteristics. These antennas are constructed with the utmost precesion. assuring you of top performance. All hardware is stainless steel. Antenna is designed to last indefinately while providing superior performance.

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