Two Meter 7x7 XP Dual Bander

Model 2M7x7xp db
Price $399.00


This is a dual polarity antenna designed for vertical polarization on FM and horizontal for SSB. In addition 10 vertical elements are provided for UHF (70 CM operation) If you own a multimode radio you can now put up one antenna for your fm and ssb operations. Furthermore the vertical elements are optimized for the fm portion of 2 meters (145 to 148 MHZ and the horizontal elements for the ssb part of the band (144-146 MHZ). The UHF elements provide continous coverage with good gain and front to back from 430-450 mhz. One of the most versatile VHF UHF antennas on the market today, use it for satellite up and down links, all mode 2 meter operation and FM in the 440-450 mhz band.

You will need two or three seperate feedlines or a switch, the antenna does not know the difference and cannot be fed with a T connector and two jumpers to each set of elements. A coaxial relay can be installed near the antenna with jumpers to each feed point and thereby only one feed line would be necessary and polarity can be switched remotely.
Antenna is constructed of the finest materials, 6063 aluminum tubing and solid aluminum rods. (Reflector and director rods, 3/16"dia., driven element rod, 1/4" dia.) Main features include T match system for balanced radiation pattern, coaxial balun hardwired directly to the T match system. No coax connectors to seal and water proof or to introduce losses. Ultra reliability. Balun cable passes into the connection box via black Delrin threaded bushings.All connections housed inside machined aluninum box. Elements mounted on the boom using unique clamp design. Clamps are machined from solid aluminum bar stock and the element rod is secured in hole by a 10-24 machine screw. Threads are made with a forming tap which forms the threads as opposed to cutting as conventional taps make threads. The result is a much stronger thread. This method makes for a stiff and rigid antenna which is a snap to assemble and take apart. All hardware is top quality stainless steel. Typical vswr is 1:2 to 1 over the designed freq. range. Each antenna has an extremely clean radiation pattern and excellent front to back ratio.


freq. range-Horizontal elements 144-146 mhz Vertical Elements 145-148 mhz UHF Elements 430-450 mhz
forward gain-see radiation patterns above
front to back ratio-see radiation patterns above
beamwidth-see radiation patterns above
feedpoint conn.- so239 on 2 meter side, type N on 70CM antenna, all N available at no extra charge, just email or call
feedpoint imped.- 50 ohms
boom length- 118"
boom dia.- 1 1/2" OD x .058" wall
mast size-2 inch nominal
approx. weight-10 lbs.
typical vswr-1:1 to 1 and lower

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