2 meter 2 Dipole Phased Array
model 2m2DPHAR
$229.00 delivered to lower 48


Overall Height-9 feet
Rod diameters- 3/8"
Cross Boom dia. -1 1/2"
Cross Boom length-15 inches overall-dipoles are approx. 1 foot from mast
Freq. range-137-157 MHZ
Feed Point Impedance-50 Ohms (coaxial cable)
Feed Connector-SO 239 and includes necessary adaptors
Power Handling-300 watts standard or 1000 watts with optional teflon baluns and LMR 400-75 phasing cables
Mast mounting dia.-1 1/4"dia. to 2"
Phasing Method- 2 port coaxial power divider (supplied with the antenna) uses RG6 phasing cables and Belden snap and seal connectors.

Note: Mast is not included. You will need a 1 1/2" or preferably a 1 5/8" dia. tube or pipe to mount the dipoles and phasing harness.

Full size 2 meter 2 dipole phased array which uses T match and CNC machined housing for internal connections. SWR is fully adjustable although if each dipole is set as shown with above shorting bar distances, no further adjustment is necessary. You will notice a lot less snap, crackle and pop and signals are much more robust than with a single antenna. This is the result of greater capture area and two antennas combining the signals. Comes with boom to mast plate and V clamps which allow mounting to tower legs as well as a mast.
Antenna uses a T match, a feed device which allows feeding a balanced device such as a dipole with unbalanced transmission line such as coaxial cable. The T match on this antenna uses a coaxial balun which prevents common mode currents from causing radiation from the transmission line (your coaxial cable). The system only radiates from the antenna and not the transmission line as well. The balun cables are tucked inside the cross booms.

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