2 meter 5 element yagi
model 2M-5EL
Price $148.00 shipped to lower 48

Hi Pete,
I have the antenna all assembled and tuned,just waiting on a friend to come over and help me hang it in the air.Your workmanship is awesome.The antenna is a work of art,and is THE highest quality of any antenna I have ever owned.Thanks for making a great product.Btw,I tuned it using my MFJ analyzer while the beam was sitting on a bar stool in my bike shop.At 146.000 it tuned to 1.1 at 2 7/8" on the t-match.Excellent.

email received on 12/5/2011 regarding the 2 meter 5 element yagi




Boom Length-72"
Boom dia. -1 1/2" dia.
No. of elements-5
Freq. range-144-148 MHZ
Feed Point Impedance-50 Ohms (coaxial cable)
Feed Connector-UHF SO-239
Power Handling-400 watts
Forward Gain-8.39dbd
Front to Back ratio-23.6.0 db
Beamwidth Azimuth @ 3db- 52degrees
Beamwidth Elevation@ 3db-66.4 degrees
Mast mounting dia.-1 1/4"dia. to 2"

Antenna is a full size 5 element computer optimized yagi with all the same hardware and features as our larger models. This model has a 1/4" dia. driven element and T match rods. Other elements are 3/16" dia. , all elements are solid rods. Aluminum members are 6061 for best corrosion resistance. All hardware is stainless steel except the two U bolts. Uses a 4:1 coaxial balun which allows the balanced feed of the antenna to be fed with 50 Ohm unbalanced coaxial cable and uses superior T match system for best radiation pattern and good matching. Antenna is very broadbanded with respect to SWR and radiation pattern which means it will perform well on the low end or high end of the band for SSB or FM operation. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally and mount can be moved towards the center if preferred.




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