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All antennas feature stainless steel fasteners and hardware. U bolts are top quality Zinc Plated.




HF Square Loops Versatile Antennas-very quiet
due to horizontal polarization

Loops are newly designed with 1/2" square solid aluminum elements on 9 foot loop and aluminum tubing on the 18 foot loop. Strain reliefs will be provided for ladder line connections. We will post new pictures when we have time. The product shown in the picture is of the older design.

20-6 Meter Square Loop-9 feet per side

40-17 Meter Square Loop-18 feet per side

HF Verticals
Heavy Duty HF Verticals

35 foot multiband vertical

50 foot vertical

Tilt bases-available shortly
The best selection of tilt bases for antennas, poles and many other uses to numerous to mention. We just ordered the material and they will be on site soon.

VHF, UHF Yagis
All antennas now shipped with these wider shorting bars.

Please Note: In our constant effort to improve our antennas, the shorting
bars shown above are being replaced with a compression two piece unit.-

6 Meter Antennas
Uses solid aluminum machined saddle clamps to fix elements to the boom. You will not find a better designed and constructed
6 meter antenna anywhere.
This clamp (which grips the boom) has a plate mounted to it's topside and two additional smaller saddle clamps at each end of the plate fix the element tubing.

3 Element
4 Element
5 Element-18 foot boom

3 Element-2 Meter 5 elements
4 Element-2 Meter 8 elements
5 Element-2 Meter 11 elements

Our silicone gel filled T match block. Standard on all 2 meter antennas
and antennas for lower frequencies.

Internal connections are accomplished with 6-32 stainless steel machine
screws and nylon insert lock nuts. The screw heads are visible just below
the surface of the gel.

2 Meter Antennas

All antennas available with high power Teflon Baluns for full legal power handling
Uses RG-142U Mil Spec. cable-add $10.00 per T match, these are special order items.

222 Mhz Antennas

12 Element

70CM Antennas

Satellite Antennas and polarization switches

VHF/UHF General Purpose Dual Banders

Dual Band 2 meter 7x7 Cross Polarity-10 element 430-450 mhz
This antenna has the same construction as the dual band below
ie, round boom and larger element mounting blocks

Dual Band 2 Meter 7 El. - 10 El 70CM

Dual Band 2 Meter 11 Element-70CM 18 Element
for lower end of the bands SSB
New product available now-product page will be up shortly

Dual Band 2 Meter 11 Element-70CM 18 Element
for vertically polarized FM operation on both bands
New product available now-product page will be up shortly

VHF Vertical Dipole Arrays and single vertical dipoles

All antennas come with cross boom and plates for easy mounting
to a mast or tower, have built in balun and arrays are supplied with phasing

2 Meter Heavy Duty Vertical Dipole

2 Meter 2 Bay Phased Array

2 Meter 4 Bay Phased Array-equipped with LMR 400-75 phasing cables, our own machined power splitters (takes the place of a Triple T adapter) and main power splitter equipped with 7/16 DIN connector. All other connectors- Amphenol type N's. This is our top of the line phased vertical array.
Price $799.00 plus shipping

6 Meter Heavy Duty Vertical Dipole-coming soon

6 Meter 2 Bay Phased Array

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