Assembly and Tuning Procedures for 2 Meter
5 Element Yagi

1. Unpack and separate all parts, element rods, retaining nuts for the element rods, T matches etc.

2. Mount the T matche this way: with the feedpoint connector going towards the back of the antenna. (see pics on our website) as this shows the mounting very clearly.

3. Mount the element mounting blocks in the corresponding holes in the boom. They are drilled symmetrical so they will mount either way. Snug the nylon insert lock nuts but do not torque them down tightly. The driven element has it's own separate block. This block has a set screw protruding from the front to secure the element. Mount this block with the set screw head towards the front of the antenna (away from the reflector element). The
orientation of the block is usually marked on the boom.

3. Mount the element rods. The longest rod is the reflector, the Driven Element is the ¼" dia. The element rods mount in descending order of length with the reflector being the longest while just snugging the socket head screw in the block.

5. Slide the shorting bars onto the T match rods and driven elements. Set the distances as follows for lowest SWR:
Approx. 2 ¾" The above distances are measured from the inside face of the shorting bars to the end of the T matchbox, not the end of the black bushing. You may have to vary this a little but the setting is not critical or precise.


6. Install the boom to mast at the end of the boom. It's advisable to look at the pictures on our web site as they show how the components are mounted in a clear manner.