2 Meter Antennas

2 Meter 5 Element end mount yagi

2 meter 8x8 Cross Polarity Yagi

2 Meter 11x11 Cross Polarity-18 foot boom

2 Meter 16x16 Element Cross Polarity Yagi

EME Systems-In service for over 3 years now and proven DXCC

2 Meter EME system 9X9 XPOL

2 Meter 14 Element XPOL EME System

2 Meter 11 Element-70CM 18 Element Cross Yagi

Vertical FM Stacked Systems-comes complete with cross boom, power divider, phasing cables (LMR400) and two antennas. Complete system ready to go. If you need to work out to long distances on FM these will do the job.

Two 7 element antenna system
Two 8 element antenna system
Two 11 element antenna system
Two 14 element antenna system
Two 16 element antenna system


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